Sky: Children Of The Light

The game I choose is Sky: Children of Light . This game is unlike any other game that I have played previously. The game does not have a major focus or stream line progression. The player is allowed to wonder almost anywhere the moment they enter the world of Sky. The game captures the attention of its player base by having extremely good graphics and a very unique art style that is normally not seen in mobile games, or games as light as Sky. Sky: Children of the Light is definitely a one of a kind game.

When talking about the mechanics and the narrative that the game may impose on the player Sky is like no other game. The game focuses on making friends and playing with those friends. The game does not have an exact linear progression and instead it requires the player to collect candles in order to then invest them in emotes to do with their friends. The player is by no means required to do this and can instead just discover the world that surrounds them. According to Mary Flanagan “Games are a cultural medium, and like other cultural media, carry embedded beliefs within their representation systems” (Flanagan 181). If this is true then Sky: Children Of The Light aims to improve the overall view of games and their aggression. Sky tries to make its player base friends and united them. The game does not have any conflict in its gameplay and instead tries to make progression one with making friends.


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