CS : GO Game Engine.

One of the games that I have been playing recently with a very famous engine is Counter-Strike : Global Offensive. The game focuses on being competitive and have extremely good reflexes and knowledge of the game’s assets. The main competitive game mode is about two teams going against each other; one team needs to attack and plant a bomb, while the other team needs to defend the point where the bomb is going to be planted. The game also includes complex maps with specific angles that helps each team. On top of all the complex angles and weapons the game also features tactical grenades. The tactical grenades are what make the game interesting and it is what separates a pro player from a beginner, because they allow for crazy strategic gameplay that is not seen in many other games.

The engine that is behind this famous game is the Source engine. This engine has made some of the most famous games of the 2000s. Games like Half-Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 have all used the Source engine. Just like it is explained by Romero “The engine is the heart of the car, this is the heart of the game” (Lowood 206). The Source engine is extremely flexible and it allows for the creation of amazing games that are only restricted by the creativity of the creator. Due to the flexibility of the source game engine they were able to create a game called Garry’s mod or G mod for short. This game shows off how crazy the engine can get, by allowing players to add assets of any of the games that have been made in the Source engine. The engine does not focus on realism but more of a cartoon style and allowing the creators to add whatever feature they want. In general the engine is famous because of how good it is at allowing the game creators to add almost anything they want, and giving the players a seamless game interaction.

CS: GO gameplay :


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